“[We] Have lived in Briarwood for over a year now. Absolutely love it here. Very quiet and well-kept Community. So glad we moved here.”

-Don and Marge M.

“A quiet surrounding so we can enjoy a morning coffee on the patio and evening get togethers in a safe environment. We also appreciate the high standards outlined by the Park to maintain our homes and grounds. I love it here. After 73 years in the City – this is wonderful!

-Dot W.

“I love this Community. It is friendly and quiet. The Staff at Briarwood is very accommodating to any concerns you may have.

-Denise W.

“What I like about Briarwood Estates is that the community is friendly and caring, and we look out for one another. The park is clean and tranquil. The common areas of the park are kept nicely manicured and the roadways properly maintained. One particular aspect I greatly appreciate is the ‘one level’ living and being able to park directly outside the front door, as opposed to apartment and condo living parking lot arrangements.”

 –Susanna B. 

“We moved from a house into the Briarwood Mobile Home Park. Was not sure what to expect, but home is much more than a word. Home is a feeling of warmth and joy, which we found at Briarwood. We found that Briarwood has warm, friendly and pet loving people. All homes are well maintained and the people show pride in their homes. The Staff possesses the considerate and unselfish hearts that few people in their position are willing to do.”

-John and Phyllis B.

“In 2013 my wife began looking for a one level home for her parents who could no longer live in their multi-story home due to health issues. Working with her brother they looked at assisted living facilities which would allow them to live an independent lifestyle. During their search, they began looking at affordable manufactured homes and came across Briarwood Estates.

What stood out immediately were the well-maintained park, homes and even though it is close to the beltway it is secluded. This meant that only people living or visiting belonged in the community. We have friends who are police officers and worked out of the Dundalk precinct; they told us of all the parks in the area, Briarwood had a good reputation for being safe and could not recall a time they had to respond to a problem.

Fast forward to 2017, we had begun planning for our eventual retirement home and Briarwood came to mind which would allow my wife to be close to her parents. In late 2017, my mom passed away at the age of 90 and my 90-year-old dad could no longer live alone so we accelerated our timetable and bought a home at Briarwood and had him move in with us.

After six months we are happy with our decision.”

-Ron and Lovey L.