Briarwood Estates Reminders

When you became a Briarwood Resident everyone read and signed a Lease and the Community Rules. As time moves on there are things that sometimes you may have forgotten, so, I have made a list of the most common items you need to remember.

  1. Installation of satellite dishes is permitted at the rear of the home and may not exceed 18” in diameter. All installations require prior approval by Briarwood Management.
  2. Any additions, building or changes to the exterior of your home should be requested in writing to Briarwood Management for approval prior to making arrangements to begin your project.
  3. The Management Office needs to be notified of any changes or additions to the number of people residing in your home. Persons 18years of age or older must be approved by Briarwood Management prior to moving into your home.
  4. All animals need to be registered and approved by Briarwood Management prior to getting a pet.
  5. Should you experience an exterior underground water leak on your site please notify the Briarwood Office immediately. After hours emergency number is 1-877-209-0251.
  6. Prior to the winter months check the heat tapes located under your home to make sure they operate properly.
  7. Keep your exterior porch lights on at night to deter suspicious activity around your home. Notify the COP or Management Office if you become a victim of a crime.

Thank you.

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